• Our Mission

    Why We’re Here (Big Hint: It’s You)

    You spend your days serving patients, families, and the community. At the AAFP, we spend our days serving YOU — our physician, resident, and medical student members.

    Our vision is to transform health care to achieve optimal health for everyone. Our mission is to improve the health of patients, families, and communities by serving your needs with professionalism and creativity.

    To advance the specialty of family medicine, strengthen physicians’ collective voice, and provide solutions to enhance the patient care you provide, we strive to:

    • Support and sustain family medicine practices that ensure the value of your comprehensive services
    • Reduce administrative complexity that detracts from patient care
    • Equip you with clinical expertise to provide high quality, evidence-based care and address health disparities
    • Grow a family physician workforce that fully represents our country’s diversity
    As one of the nation's largest medical organizations, the AAFP has a rich history of being a champion of family medicine. More about our history »

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