Fighting for Family Medicine
Fighting For Family Medicine

In a statement to the U.S. House Committee on Small Business's June 12 hearing(, centered on rising student-loan debt and faltering small medical practices, the AAFP called on lawmakers to develop innovative medical training programs, expand funding for federal loan and scholarship programs that target primary care, and modernize loan deductibility and repayment as proposed in the Resident Education Deferred Interest Act (H.R. 1554(

A proposed HHS rule( could impede access to care by allowing discrimination against women seeking necessary reproductive health care and by stigmatizing transgender persons, warns a coalition of physician groups that includes the AAFP. "We oppose any laws and regulations that discriminate against transgender and gender-diverse individuals," reads a May 28 statement by the Group of Six(

The AAFP is among the charter members of Consumers First(, a new coalition aimed at improving the fractured U.S. health care system by addressing prices and resource inequities. Family physicians will be among the allies at the table as the group convenes to set its ambitious policy agenda.

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Get involved in the FamMedPAC to help elect candidates who will impact the ongoing fight for family medicine.

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