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    AAFP Advocacy: Fighting for Family Medicine

    Find out what the AAFP is doing to protect and promote the specialty of family medicine.

    Advocacy Action: The AAFP’s Latest D.C. Work

    Pay, Burdens Topline Academy’s 2023 MPFS Guidance

    Physician payment reform, administrative simplification and accelerating family physicians’ breakaway from fee-for-service medicine topped the concerns the Academy recently voiced to CMS and Congress.

    Delay Information Blocking Deadline, AAFP Urges HHS 

    The Academy recently called for more time and improved guidance to ensure compliance with electronic health information rules — including a broad and potentially burdensome expansion of how EHI is defined.

    Academy-backed ‘Family Glitch’ Rule Finalized

    In a significant win for the AAFP's advocacy, more than a million Americans previously unable to get affordable Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act coverage will now be able to seek insurance.

    Working for Our Members in Washington

    We have wins to share! Examine the Academy's critical advocacy campaigns as the battle to sustain, support and strengthen family medicine moves forward. Check out the latest in the fight for the specialty.

    AAFP Engages the Biden-Harris Administration

    The Academy is working with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on priorities that promote interests of family physicians and importance of primary care. Follow the AAFP’s advocacy work with the White House.


    Join the Fight for Family Medicine

    Family medicine is a worthy fight. Lend your voice to the issues most important to you as a family physician with the AAFP’s Speak Out tool, and access toolkits to help you affect change in your area.

    Advocacy By Topic

    Stay informed on both state and federal issues. Learn how the AAFP is advancing family medicine via letters and statements on the issues facing family physicians.

    Congressional Primary Care Caucus

    The bipartisan Congressional Primary Care Caucus educates members of Congress and their staffs on critical primary care issues affecting their districts and advocates for policies that strengthen U.S. primary care.



    Join the AAFP Key Contacts Program

    Learn more about our goal to establish a network that pairs AAFP membership with congressional leadership to help shape the future of family medicine policy.


    Start with State Advocacy

    Learn where your state stands related to emerging issues and access resources related to state advocacy.