• Health Care for All: Moving to a Primary Care-Based Health System in the United States

    The AAFP developed a health care reform primer to inform and educate members on policy principles and considerations that will guide AAFP engagement on current and future health care reform efforts on behalf of its members. The primer summarizes the AAFP’s recent activities around health care reform.

    In the primer, you’ll find:

    • The history of AAFP engagement on health care system reform over the past few years
    • How the AAFP plans to evaluate future proposals related to health care coverage and health system reform

    The AAFP continues to support health care coverage rooted in the following policy as adopted by the AAFP Congress of Delegates:

    1. Health care is a basic human right.
    2. Individuals should have universal access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality.