• AAFP Advocacy Focus: Building the Family Physician Workforce

    Meeting the Need for Primary Care

    Primary care physicians have never been more critical to U.S. health, even as the family medicine workforce pipeline has never been more challenged. The Academy is working to restore growth to America's most important medical specialty, ensuring effective and accessible care for generations to come. To accomplish this, the Academy advocates constantly to clear regulatory and legislative pathways to an expanded physician workforce.

    Why We Fight

    U.S. health is threatened by a primary care workforce shortage, and the country will need up to 48,000 more primary care physicians by 2034. Meeting this imperative means clearing major roadblocks — a mission on which the Academy is intently focused.

    Graduate Medical Education

    Track the AAFP's push to preserve Medicare funding for graduate medical education.

    Medical Student Debt

    The AAFP supports expanded funding for federal loan and scholarship programs that target family medicine and primary care. 

    Scope of Practice

    The Academy advocates at every level of policymaking for clear delineation of the separate roles of allied health professionals.

    Title VII

    Join the AAFP in its call to support adequate funding for health professions grants for family medicine.