• Grassroots Advocacy Resources

    The Academy offers an array of resources to help you reach lawmakers and maximize the impact of your communication with them, whether by social media, phone or — best of all — in person.


    As a practicing family physician, briefed on health care and expert in the needs of your patients, you're a uniquely valuable constituent to your elected officials.

    They count on your knowledge and insights. And your practice and your community benefit when your state and federal leaders understand what family medicine does — as well as what the specialty needs to thrive.

    Lend Your Voice

    Speak Out

    Elected officials need to hear about your practice and your patients — no one makes a better case than you. 

    Meet With Your Legislator

    Help connect the dots between policies and the work you’re doing when lawmakers return to your district. 

    Track Legislation

    Track congressional bills with the potential to affect family physicians and know where your legislators stand on these issues.

    Deepen Your Advocacy

    Donate to FamMedPAC

    FamMedPAC backs our advocacy pushes and boosts our D.C. presence by providing support to candidates working to build alliances with family medicine.

    Join FMAN

    Join the Family Medicine Action Network community and get in on conversations your peers have about policy and improving U.S. health care.

    Attend an AAFP Conference

    Our events bring together policy-minded members to sharpen messaging, increase the power of meetings with elected leaders, and amplify our collective voice.