• Using Speak Out

    How to Use the Speak Out Tool

    Speak Out not only informs you about what's happening; it also enables you to respond directly to your state officials, members of Congress, or the Office of the President.

    Timely, convenient letters and email drafts (with the ability to edit, if you choose) are provided so you can make your voice heard on the issues you care about.

    To send a letter via an AAFP Speak Out

    Enter your home information. 
    We ask for your information so we can properly identify your legislators and so your legislator has an opportunity to respond or ask questions, should they have any. Select "Remember Me" if you would like your information to be saved in the Speak Out system for future action.

    Review your message.
    Some of the messages will be editable and some will not. If the letter is editable, please share your story or add anything else you think would add value to the letter. 

    Click "Send Message."

    To tweet about an AAFP Speak Out

    Click the Twitter icon at the top of the Speak Out.
    This switches from sending a message to sending a tweet. The Twitter accounts of your legislators are populated, if available.

    Review the tweet.
    Edit the tweet to make it more personal, but keep in mind there is a 240 character limit on Twitter.

    Click "Tweet."