Navigating Legal Issues

Family physicians face an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. The AAFP understands the enormous impact that regulatory and legal matters can have on family physicians.  We’ve developed information on a full range of issues, from antitrust laws and physician collective negotiation to liability reform, HIPAA and administrative simplification to keep you informed about the latest health policy legislation and regulations affecting family medicine.

Administrative Simplification

Learn about efforts to reduce health care costs by strengthening the electronic exchange of data, and by removing unnecessary burdens throughout the compliance, claims and billing processes.

Antitrust/Collective Negotiation

Review the work being done to remove antiquated restrictions and allow primary care physicians to joint negotiate with third-party payers.

Patient Privacy

Monitor proposed changes in the scope and reach of the law to ensure that HIPAA’s impact remains consistent with its intent.

Medical Liability

Assess some of the critical problems surrounding medical liability and learn why AAFP is committed to substantive reform in this area.


Monitor the most recent developments in physician payment data and open payments.