Prevention and Public Health

The Vital Role of Primary Care

Family physicians are ideally positioned to spearhead the nation's public health efforts and play an instrumental role in addressing public health concerns. As policymakers explore ways to improve public health, family physicians must engage with legislators and regulators at all levels to provide critical, front-line insights and perspective on these important issues.

Environmental Health

Discover how family physicians  can serve both as advocates of public health and as policy educators when it comes to environmental health policies.

Injury Prevention and Violence

Find out the important role family physicians can play in educating communities about safe behaviors and in helping advance policies that promote safety and discourage violence.

Obesity Prevention and Treatment

Learn about America’s obesity epidemic and AAFP’s commitment to working with government agencies to support strategies for reversing this complex and costly public health threat.

Prescription Drug Issues

Find out what the AAFP is doing to promote policies and regulations to mitigate prescription drug abuse while ensuring that patients continue to have access to safe and effective pain management from their primary care physicians.

Preventive Health

Learn about an important federal initiative that focuses on providing evidence-based recommendations to help improve the nation’s health through the active engagement of health care professionals.

Tobacco Use

Consider the toll that tobacco takes in the United States and learn what primary care physicians can do to advocate for the government's regulation of this single leading cause of preventable death in America.


Understand how the AAFP is supporting federal objectives that would increase the accessibility of vaccines and immunizations.

Women's Health

Get details about the preventive and wellness services for women mandated for coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).