Building the Family Physician Workforce

Meeting the Need for Primary Care

According to research done by the Robert Graham Center(, the US will need nearly 52,000 more primary care physicians by 2025.

The AAFP is working to meet this challenge by addressing a range of critical roadblocks that hinder the expansion of the physician workforce.  

Graduate Medical Education

Find out what AAFP is doing to help preserve Medicare funding for Graduate Medical Education (GME) in the face of mandatory budget cuts.

Medical Student Debt

Discover what steps can be taken to help ease the heavy debt load students can accumulate from medical school tuition.

Scope of Practice

Understand why the AAFP believes family physicians are uniquely qualified to lead the Patient Centered Medical Home.

Title VII

Join the AAFP in its call to support adequate funding for health professions grants for family medicine.

Backgrounder: Congressional Primary Care Caucus

The Congressional Primary Care Caucus is dedicated to advancing public policy that promotes and preserves a well-trained, high-quality primary care workforce and delivery system as the foundation of our nation’s health care system.

Download backgrounder »(2 page PDF)