Title VII of the Public Health Service Act


For 50 years, Title VII of the Public Health Service Act (PHSA) has provided grants to support primary care clinician training as well as curriculum and faculty development. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reauthorizes and expands these important tools to help support the training of family physicians.

Specifically, grants provided under Title VII’s Section 747 will continue to support traditional training for family physicians, while two new programs provide an alternative approach to primary care education:

  • Teaching Health Centers Development Grants will increase physician training capacity by training primary care residents in non-hospital settings where most primary care is delivered.
  • Rural Physicians Training Grants are intended to help medical schools recruit and train students to practice medicine in underserved rural communities.

Title VII  Section 747 grants continue to be vital to family medicine, general internal medicine,  general pediatrics, and physician assistants. In the years ahead, these grants will become even more important as the population ages and the demand for primary care increases.   

That’s why the AAFP is gravely concerned about Congressional failures to provide adequate funding for the Title VII primary care training programs. We urge Congress to increase the level of funding for Title VII in fiscal year 2014 and ensure a sustained fiscal commitment to the program going forward.

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