Impacting Policy as a Family Physician

Family physicians are in a unique position to impact policy in Congress. As health care experts, physicians have established credibility, and as citizen activists, you represent the voice of the people. Whether you have years of experience or are simply concerned about the direction of health care, you can raise your voice to influence change.

However, presenting your story in a way that will impact elected officials is something few people know. Use these tools to learn the issues facing family medicine, how to best approach your elected officials, and how to make a meaningful impact in Washington.

What tools do I have?

The best approach to moving policy is to work with other members to clearly communicate why a policy needs to change. These tools will help you get up to speed on what is happening in Congress, organize with other physicians, and teach you the best ways to approach your elected officials. 

Know your Legislators

Get to know the people representing you. Check in on your elected officials, see how they are voting, and do your homework before speaking to them.   

Legislative Process

Our legislative system is something to be proud of, but not something that is always easy to understand. Learn the ins and outs so it can work for you.  

Social Media Tips

Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with your legislators. The key is posting in the right way. Learn the tricks of the trade, and make your voice heard in the call to move family medicine forward.

Glossary of Terms

Like every profession, elected officials have their own jargon. Whether you’re avoiding a Sequestration, or working with a Lame Duck; learn the language of Congress and lead the conversation.  

Phone Calls

Whether you feel you can be more personal or a vote is minutes away, speaking to your legislative office over the phone is a great way to quickly be heard.