AAFP Grassroots Advocacy Resources

AAFP Advocacy Toolkit

As a practicing family physician, you know what’s happening in health care. You live it every day, but U.S. representatives and senators come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Of the 535 lawmakers in Congress, a little more than a dozen are physicians and even fewer are family physicians.

As a subject matter expert and a valued constituent, elected officials need– and, in fact, count on– qualified opinions like yours in order to make effective legislative decisions. 

While Speaking Out, social media outreach, and phone calls are valued ways of communicating with legislators, in-person visits with your policymakers are the most effective form of advocacy. AAFP's advocacy resources will help to make it easier for you to increase the visibility and importance of family medicine to those in Congress.

Lend Your Voice with Speak Out

Use your voice. Tell your story. We’ve made it easy for you by providing pre-written letters to Congress that you can make edits to and personalize the letter before sending.

Track Legislation

Track current legislation that has the potential to impact family medicine. If your Representative or Senators have yet to co-sponsor a piece of legislation, speak out and advocate on behalf of family medicine.

Find Your Legislator

Use our tool to locate the contact information for your Senators and Representatives.

Talking Points

The AAFP has several resources to help make legislative meetings run smoothly by helping you clearly understand the issues from a legislative context. Download and take any of these fact sheets with you on your visit to the Hill.

Lobbying Tips

Prepare for a productive meeting with your legislators– even when time is brief and the location is less than optimal. Quickly learn the do’s and don’ts of meeting with your elected officials.

Want more information on how you can get involved in family medicine advocacy?

Donate to FamMedPAC

FamMedPAC strengthens the AAFP's advocacy efforts and boosts our presence in Washington by providing support for candidates who have a stake in family medicine.  

Join the Family Medicine Action Network

Join the Family Medicine Action Network (FMAN) to unite with other family physicians and make a meaningful impact on health care policy.

Attend an Advocacy Conference

AAFP hosts annual events focused on advocacy on both state and federal levels. These conferences are designed to bring together current and future advocates alike...our strength is in our numbers.