AAFP Advocacy Toolkit

It's Easy to Take Action with the AAFP Advocacy Toolkit

AAFP Advocacy Toolkit

As a practicing family physician, you know what’s happening in health care. You live it every day, but U.S. representatives and senators come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Only a few are medical professionals, and even fewer are family physicians.

These lawmakers genuinely want to hear from you, so don’t let them make political decisions on important health care issues without the input of those directly affected by them.

The AAFP is proud to advocate on behalf of family physicians, but also wants to empower you to become actively involved. Use these resources to decide how you can participate, and take the meaningful step of lending your voice as a member of the Family Physician Action Network.

Stand up for your patients, your practice, and your specialty. Your voice will make all the difference.

Join Family Medicine Action Network (FMAN)

Members of Congress make decisions based on subject matter experts and constituency desires. As both, you are in a unique position to influence legislation. Join the Family Medicine Action Network (FMAN) to unite with other family physicians, and make a meaning impact on health care policy.

  • Participate where you want, when you want
  • Receive insider information on the progress of health care in Washington
  • Access network-only content
  • Engage in and lead social media campaigns designed to involve other physicians
  • Gain recognition at AAFP conferences and lobby days

Track Legislation

Learn which pieces of legislation AAFP is tracking and how your elected officials stack up on the issues. Familiarize yourself with laws and policies will directly impact family medicine and take action.


FamMedPAC strengthens AAFP's advocacy efforts and boosts our presence in Washington by providing support for candidates who have a stake in family medicine. We're fighting for your best interests—and we're making a difference.

Meet with Your Legislator

Nothing is more effective than an in-person visit with your elected official. Gain tips and insights on effective methods, review talking points, and get the most your of your next congressional meeting. 

Attend an Advocacy Conference

AAFP hosts annual events focused on advocacy on both state and federal levels. These conferences are designed to bring together current and future advocates alike...our strength is in our numbers.

Write to Congress

The AAFP's advocacy efforts are stronger with you. We have a variety of issues that need your voice. Join in on the fight for family medicine by sending a letter about a key family medicine issue to your elected official today.

In the Trenches

Read the latest update about the AAFP's efforts in advocacy and practice advancement, delivered by AAFP Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Practice Advancement, and Policy Shawn Martin.