Meet with Legislators

Your Officials Want to Hear From You

Of the 535 lawmakers in Congress, a little more than a dozen are physicians. Your member of Congress is more likely to be a former mayor, attorney, business owner, educator, or even a farmer than a healthcare professional.

As a subject matter expert and a valued constituent, elected officials need– and, in fact, count on– expert opinions like yours in order to make effective legislative decisions. 

While -mails, social media outreach, and phone calls are valued ways of communicating, nothing compares to in-person visits with your legislators. It can be very difficult to find time to meet personally with your legislators while Congress is in session.  

Reaching out to your legislator is easier than you might think, and can increase the visibility and importance of family medicine to those in Congress.  

Lobbying Tips


Prepare for a productive meeting with your legislators anytime, anywhere– even when time is brief and the location is less than optimal. Learn the do’s and don’ts of meeting with your elected officials, quickly and easily.

Talking Points

The AAFP has created several resources to help make your meetings easier and more comfortable with our issues from a legislative context. Feel free to take any of these leave-behinds with you on your visit to the Hill.



Robert Hall
Director, Division of Government Relations