Social Media Center

Social Media has become the easiest way to communicate with elected officials, but it can be difficult to be heard through all of the noise. As an issue matter expert in health care and a voting constituent, Members of Congress want to hear directly from you. Use these resources to learn some best practices to make sure your message gets through, and check the social calendar for our upcoming campaigns.

Does it Matter?

A recent Congressional Management Foundation study entitled “#SocialCongress 2015,” found that not only are your elected officials listening to social media, but 70% of them said it only takes 10-30 posts on a topic to grab their attention. The trick is posting in the right way.

That same study asked how much influence a post had if that legislator had not arrived at a firm decision, and they found the way in which a post reached them was almost as important as the content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify yourself as a constituent
  • Identify an affiliation with AAFP
  • Strength in numbers, coordinate with your group on timing and message