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If interested in the AMA model legislation, please contact the Center for State Policy.

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The AAFP Model Legislation Library is comprised of model legislation that is authored by various organizations to establish an example for the creation of state laws regarding a specific policy issue. Model legislation provides a starting point and can be altered. The proposed legislation becomes law only after it is passed by a state legislature and then signed into law by the Governor. Model legislation is a useful frame work that enables organizations and states to present uniformity on policy issues.

Chapters interested in moving their issues through model legislation must consider carefully several points: the legislative process, selection of a policy issue, the legislative vehicle, choosing of a champion, and presenting a package. Each choice should likewise be tempered carefully by consideration of a number of variables(4 page PDF).

The American Academy of Family Physicians has not endorsed any of the following examples of model legislation. If one of the following pieces of legislation is useful to your state chapter, please let us know and feel free to use this as a resource.

Below is a small sampling from the database. To further search by topic and subtopic, please use the filter to refine your results.

Please contact Shelby Higgins, Manager of the AAFP Center for State Policy, to facilitate your model legislation advocacy.

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