June 1, 1999

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Insomnia: Assessment and Management in Primary Care

Case Studies in International Medicine

Cutaneous and Systemic Manifestations of Mastocytosis

Endometrial Cancer

Colorectal Cancer: Risk Factors and Recommendations for Early Detection

Kawasaki Disease

Managing Somatic Preoccupation

Evaluation and Management of the Child with Speech Delay

Angiotensin-II Receptor Antagonists: Their Place in Therapy


AAFP News: AFP Edition


Clinical Briefs

Clinical Briefs

Conference Highlights

Conference Highlights



Curbside Consultation

An HIV-Positive Patient Who Avoids Treatment

Diary from a Week in Practice

Diary from a Week in Practice


Screening Options for Colorectal Cancer

Labeling the Somatically Preoccupied: Have We Gone Too Far?

Family Practice International

Family Practice International

Inside AFP

Keeping in Touch with the Journal Keepers

Photo Quiz

Chronic Non-healing Ulcers

Physician's Bookshelf

Book Reviews

Quantum Sufficit

Quantum Sufficit

Special Medical Reports

American Thoracic Society Issues Consensus Statement on Dyspnea

Treatment Guidelines for Heart Failure Stress Multidrug Approach

AAP Releases Recommendations on Use of Inactivated and Live Oral Polio Vaccines

Letters to the Editor

Prophylaxis for STDs After Sexual Assault

The Role of Government in Controlling the HIV Epidemic

Peripartum Emergencies

Peripartum Emergencies

Sister (Mary?) Joseph's Node

Tips From Other Journals

Famciclovir for Herpes Simplex Labialis Induced by Sunlight

Clinical Features of Patients with HIV-Associated Fever

Neonatal Jaundice: Does Human Milk or Type of Formula Matter?

Does Two Weeks of Bed Rest Bring About Relief from Sciatica?

Managing First Trimester Spontaneous Abortion

How Parents Make the Decision About Circumcision

Can RSV Infection Be Prevented in At-Risk Infants and Children?

Oral vs. Intavenous Ciprofloxacin for Severe Urinary Tract Infection

Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio for Detection of Microalbuminuria

Risk of Mural Thrombus After a Brief Period of Atrial Fibrillation

Do Three Indicators Correlate with Severity of Asthma?

Which Treatment Is Best for Urinary Stress Incontinence?

ACE Inhibitors and Mortality Following Myocardial Infarction

Angioplasty and Stent Placement in Multiple-Vessel Disease

Nocturnal Asthma Controlled With Long-Acting Beta Agonist

Combination Therapy to Improve Control of COPD

Community-Acquired Pneumonia: New Guidelines

Guidelines for Managing Chronic Renal Failure

Benefits of Exercise Training in Patients with Heart Failure

Stopping Ticlopidine Two Weeks After Stent Placement

Three Treatment Regimens for Women with Hirsutism

Repeat Vasectomy Reversal Effective After Prior Failures

Are Calcium Channel Blockers Safe in Diabetic Hypertension?

Bupropion With or Without Patches for Smoking Cessation

Children with Pseudoseizures: Psychiatric Aspects and Outcomes

Oral Doxycycline for Facial Palsy Related to Lyme Disease

Oral and Insulin Antidiabetic Regimens in Type 2 Diabetes

The Medical Literature on Raloxifene for Osteoporosis

Vaccinations and Other Health Care Measures for Foreign Travel

Quality-of-Life Score After Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery

Biliary Symptoms and Predictors of Common Bile Duct Stones

Comparison of Carvedilol and Metoprolol in Stable Angina

New Equation for Estimating Glomerulat Filtration Rate

Twice-Weekly Etanercept for Active Rheumatoid Arthritis

Montelukast vs. Beclomethasone for Control of Persistent Asthma


Patient Information

Speech and Language Delay: What Does This Mean for My Child?

Endometrial Cancer-Diagnosis and Treatment

Kawasaki Disease

Mastocytosis: What It Is and How It's Diagnosed and Treated

CME Quiz

CME Course Information

Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary

Classified Information


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