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ACC/AHA guidelines on the management of acute myocardial infarction.
Avoiding drug interactions.
Clinical briefs.
Conference highlights.
Diary from a week in practice.
Family practice international.
Office obstetrics in rural practice.
Overcoming the barriers to change: screening for colorectal cancer.
Quantum sufficit.
What you may not know about AFP.
Low Back Pain
Alcoholism in Elderly
Drug Interactions
Stress and Spontaneous Abortion
Bacterial Endocarditis
Rectum & Colon Cancer

------------------ Handouts --------------------

Alcohol or Drug Abuse Recovery: Your Doctor Can Help You
Is Alcohol a Problem for You?
Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Teen Drinking: It Can Spin Your World Around
Smoking Cessation in Recovering Alcoholics: Fiction Versus Fact
Naltrexone for Alcoholism
Bacterial Endocarditis: A Heart at Risk
Gallstones: What Are They? How Are They Treated?
What Should I Know About Genital Herpes?
What Can I Do About Genital Herpes?
Acute Low Back Pain
Screening for Colorectal Cancer