----------------- Articles ---------------------

A focus on the evidence in clinical review articles.
A pregnant woman victimized by physical abuse.
ACOG practice bulletin on diagnosing and managing preeclampsia and eclampsia.
Clinical briefs.
Diary from a week in practice.
Evidence-based CME.
Quantum sufficit.
Should we use multiple risk factor interventions for the primary prevention of coronary heart diseas
What physicians need to know about seniors and limited prescription benefits, and why.
Joint Injection
Proton Pump
A Fib Pt. I
Colorectal Cancer
A Fib: Pt II

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Skin Cancer: Reduce Your Risk with "Safe-Sun" Guidelines
Tick-Borne Diseases
Caring for Cuts, Scrapes, and Wounds
Atrial Fibrillation
Joint and Soft Tissue Injection