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Clinical quiz.
Quantum Sufficit
A patient with dyspnea and swollen, painful wrists.
ACOG recommends that physicians restrict episiotomy
AFP continues to evolve.
Asthma and other wheezing disorders in children.
Beta-blocker use in patients with COPD.
CDC releases guidelines on improving preconception health care
FPIN's Clinical inquiries. Risks and benefits of combination contraceptives.
Improving practice guidelines in AFP.
Influenza vaccination recommended as secondary prevention for cvd
Meningococcal vaccine supply increased; deferral request lifted
New recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS: what should we advise parents?
Opioids for management of breakthrough pain in cancer patients.
Patching for corneal abrasions?
Self-study course in epidemiology now available through cdc web site
STDs in patients with multiple partners: confidentiality.
Oncological Emergencies
Erythema multiforme
Unintentional childhood injuries

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Myths and Facts about Food Allergies
Celiac Disease: What You Should Know
Lactose Intolerance: What You Should Know
Preventing Injuries in School-age Children and Teenagers