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ACIP recommends the use of Tdap in adults.
Acute red eye.
AHA releases statement on the use of COX-2 inhibitors and NSAIDs.
CDC releases data on deaths from poisoning.
CDC reports on MRSA infections among patients on dialysis.
Current understanding of tendinopathies and treatment options.
Enhanced EBM toolkit now available on AFP web site
Hard choices.
Improving care with the patient-centered medical home.
Principles of the patient-centered medical home.
Quantum sufficit.
Sitagliptin (Januvia) for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.
Metatarsal fractures
Lateral Epicondylitis
Ocular Emergencies

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Gout: What You Should Know
Exercises for Tennis Elbow
Tennis Elbow: What You Should Know