Close-Ups focus on the personal side of medicine. A patient's story, told in his or her own words, is accompanied by commentary from the patient's physician and resources to help physicians and patients. The goal is to keep the focus on the person, not just the illness, and the nuances of the doctor-patient relationship.

Feb 1, 2018 Issue
Opioids for Acute Pain: Proceed with Caution
Physicians should consider nonopioid options for postsurgery pain to avoid the unpleasant effects of of withdrawal and risk of dependence.

Dec 1, 2017 Issue
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: An Often Silent and Delayed Diagnosis
History of a collapse can be the first and only indication of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This athlete's story is a reminder that during preparticipation sports examinations, a detailed history may provide the only clue to a potentially lethal underlying cardiac condition.

Oct 1, 2017 Issue
Pet Therapy: Helping Patients Cope
Animal-assisted therapy and the medical use of the human-animal bond can be thought of as a form of alternative/complementary therapy.

Aug 15, 2017 Issue
Accepting Family Care in Chronic Illness
A story of two sisters: one with a chronic illness, the other a family caregiver. They emphasize close listening, the tuned-in give-and-take in response to a loved one's changing needs.

Jun 15, 2017 Issue
Paradoxical Insomnia: Misperception of Sleep Can Be a Tormenting Experience
Patients with this relatively uncommon form of insomnia have a marked propensity to underestimate sleep duration and overestimate wakefulness relative to polysomnographic measures.

Apr 1, 2017 Issue
Invisible Disabilities: Mine and Theirs
At age 50, Dr. Mellor developed a disability that has entirely changed the way she relates to her patients and their struggles.

Feb 1, 2017 Issue
Physician's Friendship Eases Pain After Pregnancy Loss
In rural communities, physicians and their patients are uniquely bonded. These relationships can be a source of encouragement and healing.

Dec 15, 2016 Issue
Needle Phobia: A Vasovagal Response During Acupuncture
A vasovagal response can be so severe that patients begin to fear the debilitating effects of syncope almost more than the needles themselves.

Sep 15, 2016 Issue
Healthy Aging with Intimations of Mortality
End-of-life discussions in moments of excellent health may pose as much of a challenge as waiting until illness arrives.

Aug 15, 2016 Issue
Joint Pain and Fatigue: It Could Be Anything
Diagnosed with lupus, a physician reflects on the shift from usual aches and pains to fatigue that puts life on hold.

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