Implementing AHRQ Effective Health Care Reviews

This department provides concise summaries of the AHRQ’s comparative effectiveness reviews, produced by their Effective Health Care Program, including key evidence-based conclusions and practice pointers to put the evidence into clinical perspective.

Nov 01, 2021 Issue
Acute Treatments for Episodic Migraine in Adults
How effective are pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic acute treatments for episodic migraine in adults?

Aug 01, 2021 Issue
Diagnosis and Initial Management of Acute Colonic Diverticulitis
What are the benefits and harms of diagnostic testing, and what is the effectiveness of treatment options for acute colonic diverticulitis?

May 1, 2021 Issue
Nonopioid Pharmacologic Treatments for Chronic Pain
What are the effects of nonopioid drugs on pain, function, and quality of life in patients with specific types of chronic pain, and what are the adverse events related to these drugs?

Feb 1, 2021 Issue
Brief Cognitive Testing in the Detection and Diagnosis of Clinical Alzheimer-Type Dementia
In adults with suspected cognitive impairment, what is the utility of brief cognitive testing in detecting clinical Alzheimer-type dementia and distinguishing it from mild cognitive impairment or normal cognition?

Nov 1, 2020 Issue
Treatment of Depression in Children and Adolescents
What are the benefits and harms of nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic treatments for depressive disorders in children and adolescents?

May 1, 2020 Issue
Therapies for COPD Exacerbations in Adults
What are the benefits and harms of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments for exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in adults?

Feb 1, 2020 Issue
Adverse Events of Pharmacologic Treatments of Major Depression in Older Adults
What are the adverse events of antidepressants prescribed to treat major depressive disorder in adults 65 years and older?

Nov 1, 2019 Issue
The Effectiveness of Outpatient Telehealth Consultations
Telehealth consultations improve clinical outcomes in the areas of wound care, psychiatry, and certain chronic conditions.

Aug 1, 2019 Issue
Chronic Neck Pain: Nonpharmacologic Treatment
Which noninvasive nonpharmacologic treatments for chronic neck pain improve function or pain for at least one month?

May 1, 2019 Issue
Psychological and Pharmacologic Treatments for Adults with PTSD
What are the benefits and harms of psychotherapies and pharmacologic agents for the treatment of adults with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

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