Apr 15, 2005 Issue
ACS Releases 2005 Edition of Cancer Facts & Figures [Practice Guidelines]

Feb 15, 2005 Issue
ACS/ADA/AHA Issue Core Recommendations for Preventing Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes [Practice Guidelines]

The American Cancer Society (ACS), the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and the American Heart Association (AHA) have issued core recommendations for the prevention and early detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Feb 1, 2005 Issue
Efficacy of Antioxidants in GI Cancer Prevention [Cochrane for Clinicians]

There is no evidence that supplementation with beta carotene or vitamins A, C, or E prevents GI cancer. Data for selenium is inconsistent and based on poor-quality studies, and supplementation with this mineral should not be recommended routinely. Most importantly, combinations of antioxidant vitami...

Oct 15, 2004 Issue
CDC Report on Cancer Mortality Surveillance [Practice Guidelines]

Nov 15, 2003 Issue
Violaceous Plaques of the Face and Scalp [Photo Quiz]

Photo Quiz presents readers with a clinical challenge based on a photograph or other image.

Jan 15, 2003 Issue
NIH Releases Statement on Managing Pain, Depression, and Fatigue in Cancer [Practice Guidelines]

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a statement on the management of cancer symptoms, including pain, depression, and fatigue. Physicians need to be able to identify who is at risk for these cancer-related symptoms, what treatments work best to address these problems, and how best t...

Oct 15, 2002 Issue
American Cancer Society Releases Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention [Practice Guidelines]

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has issued its 2002 update on guidelines for reducing the risk of cancer with healthy food choices and physical activity.

May 1, 2002 Issue
Swollen Tonsil [Photo Quiz]

Photo Quiz presents readers with a clinical challenge based on a photograph or other image.

May 1, 2001 Issue
Nasopharyngeal Cancer and the Southeast Asian Patient [Article]

Because of a documented increased incidence, nasopharyngeal cancer should be considered when signs or symptoms of ear, nose and throat disease are present in patients from southern China (in particular, Hong Kong and the province of Guangdong) or Southeast Asia. Environmental factors, the Epstein-Ba...

Aug 01, 1999 Issue
Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Integrating Primary Care Recognition with Tertiary Care Center Treatment [Article]

Soft tissue sarcomas account for fewer than 1 percent of malignancies diagnosed annually in the United States. These tumors usually present as an asymptomatic mass. Any lesion larger than 5 cm in diameter should be considered suspicious. Radiographs should be obtained as the initial step in assessin...

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