Cancer in Children

Dec 1, 2020 Issue
Immunogenicity of Childhood Vaccines after Pediatric Cancer [FPIN's Clinical Inquiries]

Children treated for cancer do not retain full immunity from previous vaccinations; therefore, it is likely beneficial for children who survive cancer to be revaccinated six to 12 months after immunosuppressive therapy.

Aug 1, 2013 Issue
Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Cancer: A Guide for Early Recognition [Article]

Although cancer in children is rare, it is the second most common cause of childhood mortality in developed countries. It often presents with nonspecific symptoms similar to those of benign conditions, leading to delays in the diagnosis and initiation of appropriate treatment. Primary care physician...

Apr 1, 2000 Issue
Recognition of Common Childhood Malignancies [Article]

Although cancer has an annual incidence of only about 150 new cases per 1 million U.S. children, it is the second leading cause of childhood deaths. Early detection and prompt therapy have the potential to reduce mortality. Leukemias, lymphomas and central nervous system tumors account for more than...

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