ENT, Nose

Oct 1, 2004 Issue
Management of Acute Nasal Fractures [Article]

In cases of facial trauma, nasal fractures account for approximately 40 percent of bone injuries. Treatment in the primary care setting begins with evaluating the injury, taking an accurate history of the situation in which the injury occurred, and ascertaining how the face and nose appeared and fun...

May 1, 2001 Issue
Nasopharyngeal Cancer and the Southeast Asian Patient [Article]

Because of a documented increased incidence, nasopharyngeal cancer should be considered when signs or symptoms of ear, nose and throat disease are present in patients from southern China (in particular, Hong Kong and the province of Guangdong) or Southeast Asia. Environmental factors, the Epstein-Ba...

Jan 15, 2000 Issue
Smell and Taste Disorders: A Primary Care Approach [Article]

Smell and taste disorders are common in the general population, with loss of smell occurring more frequently. Although these disorders can have a substantial impact on quality of life and may represent significant underlying disease, they are often overlooked by the medical community. Patients may h...

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