Family Medicine

Apr 15, 2010 Issue
Examining the Heart of Family Medicine: Family History [Editorials]

Apr 1, 2010 Issue
Celebrating the Past; Looking Forward to the Future [Editorials]

Mar 1, 2010 Issue
Discussing Treatment Options with Patients [Curbside Consultation]

Sometimes it may seem easier to inject a subacromial bursa or aspirate a knee joint than to engage in shared decision making with your patients about the use of aspirin for coronary artery disease prevention or a PSA test for prostate cancer screening. The path that led to the disparate valuations o...

Nov 1, 2009 Issue
Dealing with the Impaired Physician [Curbside Consultation]

In 1973, the American Medical Association defined the impaired physician as one who is unable to fulfill professional and personal responsibilities because of a psychiatric illness, alcoholism, or drug dependency. Physicians face the challenge of being able to identify impairment in their colleagues and, most importantly, in themselves.

Sep 1, 2009 Issue
Breaking Bad News Over the Phone [Curbside Consultation]

As a general rule, it is preferable to give test results to your patients in person.

Jun 15, 2009 Issue
2008 World Health Report Emphasizes Importance of Primary Health Care [Editorials]

Mar 1, 2009 Issue
Medical Humanitarian Missions [Editorials]

May 1, 2008 Issue
Placebo and Placebo Effects: Practical Considerations, Ethical Concerns [Curbside Consultation]

First, it is important to define what is meant by “placebo”. Strictly, the term placebo, taken from the Latin “I shall please,” refers to any intervention, event, or experience that evokes positive subjective or objective outcomes in a patient (or research participant).

Oct 1, 2007 Issue
Responding to a Colleague Who Neglects Best Practices [Curbside Consultation]

The dilemma in the scenario concerns a colleague who displays a pattern of failing to perform the group's best practices.

Jul 1, 2007 Issue
Responses to Medical Students' Frequently Asked Questions About Family Medicine [Article]

This article provides answers to many questions medical students ask about the specialty of family medicine. It was developed through the collaborative efforts of several family medicine organizations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, t...

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