Family Medicine

Nov 1, 2004 Issue
Completing and Signing the Death Certificate [Curbside Consultation]

This scenario is becoming less common in primary care practice because the most common place of death (in nearly 80 percent of cases) in the United States has changed from the patient’s home to a hospital or long-term care facility. This shift in death location means that family physicians often are...

Sep 15, 2004 Issue
Preventive Services Selector Tool for PDAs [Practice Guidelines]

Aug 1, 2004 Issue
When Patients Cannot Afford Their Medications [Curbside Consultation]

For physicians who realize that drug costs can be a problem, we offer some practical solutions and discussion about how to help these patients.

Apr 1, 2004 Issue
Conflict with a Consultant [Curbside Consultation]

This scenario presents two main issues. The first issue involves the evidence for or against the use of cerclage to prevent second-trimester pregnancy loss. The second issue is the way family physicians should interact with consultants.

Feb 1, 2004 Issue
A One-Stop Health Care Request [Curbside Consultation]

This scenario is likely to be common in clinics such as the one described here. This physician's frustration with the patient, his family members, and the system as a whole is evident. Providing care to a transient visitor with a chronic disease is a difficult proposition. While many physicians want...

Jan 1, 2004 Issue
Should Doctors Call in Sick? [Curbside Consultation]

Many practical factors mitigate against a physician taking a sick day. For physicians in private practice, the economic considerations are great because office overhead and staff payroll costs continue during their absence. Even salaried physicians are subject to the powerful physician work ethic th...

Oct 1, 2003 Issue
The Complete Physical [Curbside Consultation]

The concept of the “complete” physical examination can be viewed from several perspectives.

Aug 1, 2001 Issue
A Case of Physician Burnout [Curbside Consultation]

Monday morning. A waiting room full of walk-in patients. A patient in pain who says, “Fix this now.” And a physician who wonders if he is going to have to leave clinical practice, defeated by the stress and the hassles. How many things can we find wrong in this everyday picture? More importantly, ho...

Oct 1, 2000 Issue
A Consultant Takes Over [Curbside Consultation]

What is the role of a consultant in the referral process?

Jul 01, 1999 Issue
Responses to Questions About the Specialty of Family Practice as a Career [Article]

This article provides answers to many of the questions medical students ask about the specialty of family practice. It is the fourth update of a previous article and was developed in response to feedback from medical students at the 1997 National Congress of Student Members held by the American Acad...

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