Foot and Ankle Disorders

May 01, 2022 Issue
Tendinopathies of the Foot and Ankle [Article]

Tendinopathies of the foot and ankle, including posterior tibial, peroneal, and tibialis anterior, are commonly overlooked by primary care physicians. The posterior tibial tendon is the main dynamic stabilizing muscle of the medial longitudinal arch. Patients who have posterior tibial tendinopathy p...

Mar 1, 2021 Issue
Platelet-Rich Plasma vs. Corticosteroids for Refractory Plantar Fasciitis [FPIN's Clinical Inquiries]

Platelet-rich plasma injections are similar to corticosteroids for pain relief and improvement in function in patients with refractory plantar fasciitis lasting less than 12 weeks.

Aug 1, 2019 Issue
Ingrown Toenail Management [Article]

Ingrown toenails most commonly affect the great toe and most commonly occur in young men. Nail care habits and footwear are common contributing factors. Ingrown nails can be treated nonsurgically or surgically; surgical approaches are superior for preventing recurrence. Partial avulsion is the most common surgical approach; matrixectomy can be performed through surgical, chemical, or electrosurgical means.

Jun 15, 2019 Issue
Plantar Fasciitis [Article]

Plantar fasciitis is common in runners but can also affect sedentary people. Treatment should start with stretching and strengthening of the plantar fascia, ice massage, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Find out which conservative therapies are backed by the best evidence, and when surgery should be considered.

Sep 1, 2018 Issue
Common Foot Problems: Over-the-Counter Treatments and Home Care [Article]

Many common foot problems are best managed with appropriate over-the-counter treatments and home care, such as nonprescription medications, modified footwear, and shoe inserts, with careful guidance from a family physician. Proper shoe fit is key to avoiding many foot problems.

May 1, 2018 Issue
Charcot Foot: Clinical Clues, Diagnostic Strategies, and Treatment Principles [Article]

Recognizing Charcot neuroarthropathy of the foot and ankle is critical because if untreated, patients are at risk of ulceration, infection, and amputation. Physicians should suspect Charcot foot in patients older than 40 years who present with peripheral neuropathy and acute swelling with associated erythema and warmth. The mainstay of treatment is immobilization in a total contact cast.

Feb 1, 2018 Issue
Injected Corticosteroids for Plantar Heel Pain [Cochrane for Clinicians]

There is low-quality evidence that corticosteroid injections slightly reduce heel pain at one month, but they make no significant difference beyond that time. Patients treated with corticosteroid injections were less likely to experience treatment failure—a designation that was defined differently b...

Jan 15, 2018 Issue
Heel Pain: Diagnosis and Management [Article]

The differential diagnosis of heel pain is extensive, but a mechanical etiology is the most common. Learn the most likely causes of heel pain based on the specific anatomic location affected.

Apr 15, 2017 Issue
Acquired Nail Disorder in an Older Person [Photo Quiz]

An older man with poor personal hygiene presents with deformed toenails and foot pain.

Aug 15, 2016 Issue
Foot Deformity at Time of Delivery in a Premature Infant [Photo Quiz]

A newborn presented with a grossly externally rotated foot at birth.

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