May 15, 2014 Issue
Surgical and Nonsurgical Management of Gallstones [Article]

Which diagnostic and treatment options are best for symptomatic and asymptomatic disease?

May 15, 2014 Issue
Functional Gallbladder Disorder: An Increasingly Common Diagnosis [Editorials]

Functional gallbladder disorder is being diagnosed more often in the office setting, increasing the number of cholecystectomies performed over the past two decades. The Rome III criteria help maximize the chance that surgical outcomes will have long-term clinical benefit.

Mar 15, 2014 Issue
Surgical Treatment for Asymptomatic Cholelithiasis [FPIN's Clinical Inquiries]

Surgery should not be offered to patients with asymptomatic cholelithiasis. Cholecystectomy may be beneficial for patients who are at high risk of biliary cancer, infection, or other complications, including younger patients and those with choledocholithiasis, sickle cell disease, gallstones larger than 3 cm, or significant immunosuppression.

Aug 15, 2005 Issue
Management of Gallstones [Article]

Many patients with gallstones can be managed expectantly. Generally, only persons with symptoms related to the presence of gallstones (e.g., steady, nonparoxysmal pain lasting four to six hours located in the upper abdomen) or complications (such as acute cholecystitis or gallstone pancreatitis) war...

Mar 15, 2000 Issue
Management of Gallstones and Their Complications [Article]

The accurate differentiation of gallstone-induced biliary colic from other abdominal disease processes is the most crucial step in the successful management of gallstone disease. Despite the availability of many imaging techniques to demonstrate the presence of gallstones, clinical judgment ultimate...

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