Growth and Development

Sep 1, 2011 Issue
Screening for Developmental Delay [Article]

According to the literature, 12 to 16 percent of children in the United States have at least one developmental delay, yet as many as one-half of affected children will not be identified by the time they enter kindergarten. If developmental delays are detected too late, opportunities for early interv...

Aug 1, 2011 Issue
Updated Dietary Guidelines from the USDA and HHS [Practice Guidelines]

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) jointly created the updated version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. The updated guidelines are based on two main concepts: focusing on balancing caloric intake over time to reach and m...

May 15, 2011 Issue
Speech and Language Delay in Children [Article]

Speech and language delay in children is associated with increased difficulty with reading, writing, attention, and socialization. Although physicians should be alert to parental concerns and to whether children are meeting expected developmental milestones, there currently is insufficient evidence ...

Apr 1, 2011 Issue
Failure to Thrive: An Update [Article]

Failure to thrive in childhood is a state of undernutrition due to inadequate caloric intake, inadequate caloric absorption, or excessive caloric expenditure. In the United States, it is seen in 5 to 10 percent of children in primary care settings. Although failure to thrive is often defined as a we...

Nov 15, 2010 Issue
Sexual Behaviors in Children: Evaluation and Management [Article]

Sexual behaviors in children are common, occurring in 42 to 73 percent of children by the time they reach 13 years of age. Developmentally appropriate behavior that is common and frequently observed in children includes trying to view another person’s genitals or breasts, standing too close to other...

Sep 1, 2008 Issue
Evaluation of Short and Tall Stature in Children [Article]

Children and adolescents whose heights and growth velocities deviate from the normal percentiles on standard growth charts present a special challenge to physicians. Height that is less than the 3rd percentile or greater than the 97th percentile is deemed short or tall stature, respectively. A growt...

Dec 15, 2006 Issue
Evaluation of Children with Reading Difficulties [Article]

Reading difficulties are common and are associated with poor long-term academic achievement. Evaluation of a child's developmental, educational, and family histories in conjunction with standardized screening tests (e.g., Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status, S...

Jun 15, 2006 Issue
Medical Care of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities [Article]

Persons with mental retardation are living longer and integrating into their communities. Primary medical care of persons with mental retardation should involve continuity of care, maintenance of comprehensive treatment documentation, routine periodic health screening, and an understanding of the un...

May 1, 2005 Issue
"My Rings Won't Fit Anymore" [Photo Quiz]

Photo Quiz presents readers with a clinical challenge based on a photograph or other image.

Sep 1, 2003 Issue
Failure to Thrive [Article]

Failure to thrive is a condition commonly seen by primary care physicians. Prompt diagnosis and intervention are important for preventing malnutrition and developmental sequelae. Medical and social factors often contribute to failure to thrive. Either extreme of parental attention (neglect or hyperv...

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