Oct 15, 2000 Issue
Guidelines on Migraine: Part 2. General Principles of Drug Therapy [Practice Guidelines]

The U.S. Headache Consortium guidelines on the pharmacologic management of acute migraine emphasize the need for physicians and patients to work together to decide how to treat acute attacks.

Oct 1, 2000 Issue
Headache Consortium Releases Guidelines for Use of CT or MRI in Migraine Work-Up [Practice Guidelines]

Guidelines on the use of computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients presenting with migraine have been developed by the U.S. Headache Consortium.

Jan 1, 2000 Issue
Newer Intranasal Migraine Medications [Article]

Two new intranasal migraine medications, sumatriptan and dihydroergotamine mesylate, may offer specific advantages for patients who are seeking alternatives to various oral or parenteral migraine abortive therapies. Placebo-controlled clinical studies demonstrate that both intranasal forms are effec...

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