Dec 15, 2004 Issue
The Patient with Daily Headaches [Article]

The term 'chronic daily headache' (CDH) describes a variety of headache types, of which chronic migraine is the most common. Daily headaches often are disabling and may be challenging to diagnose and treat. Medication overuse, or drug rebound headache, is the most treatable cause of refractory daily...

Dec 15, 2003 Issue
Headache [Photo Quiz]

Photo Quiz presents readers with a clinical challenge based on a photograph or other image.

Sep 1, 2003 Issue
Headache (Chronic Tension Type) [Clinical Evidence Handbook]

What are the effects of treatments?

Mar 15, 2003 Issue
AAFP/ACP-ASIM Release Guidelines on the Management and Prevention of Migraines [Practice Guidelines]

Guidelines for primary care physicians on the pharmacologic management of acute migraine attacks and the prevention of migraines are available from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the American College of Physicians–American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM).

Dec 1, 2002 Issue
The Management of the Acute Migraine Headache [Article]

As many as 30 million Americans have migraine headaches. The impact on patients and their families can be tremendous, and treatment of migraines can present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for family physicians. Abortive treatment options include nonspecific and migraine-specific therapy. Nons...

Sep 1, 2002 Issue
Tension-Type Headache [Article]

Tension-type headache typically causes pain that radiates in a band-like fashion bilaterally from the forehead to the occiput. Pain often radiates to the neck muscles and is described as tightness, pressure, or dull ache. Migraine-type features (unilateral, throbbing pain, nausea, photophobia) are n...

May 1, 2002 Issue
Migraine Headache [Clinical Evidence Handbook]

What are the effects of drug treatments for acute migraine headache?

Feb 15, 2002 Issue
Headaches in Children and Adolescents [Article]

Headaches are common during childhood and become more common and increase in frequency during adolescence. The rational, cost-effective evaluation of children with headache begins with a careful history. The first step is to identify the temporal pattern of the headache--acute, acute-recurrent, chro...

Feb 15, 2001 Issue
Evaluation of Acute Headaches in Adults [Article]

Classifying headaches as primary (migraine, tension-type or cluster) or secondary can facilitate evaluation and management A detailed headache history helps to distinguish among the primary headache disorders. "Red flags" for secondary disorders include sudden onset of headache, onset of headache af...

Dec 1, 2000 Issue
Guidelines on Migraine: Part 5. Recommendations for Specific Prophylactic Drugs [Practice Guidelines]

The U.S. Headache Consortium guidelines for the treatment of migraine summarize data from clinical studies of various drugs used in preventive therapy of migraine.

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