Heart Failure

Dec 1, 2000 Issue
The Importance of Beta Blockers in the Treatment of Heart Failure [Article]

Heart failure, the only cardiovascular disease with an increasing incidence, is associated with significant mortality and poses a considerable economic burden. Traditionally, beta blockers have been considered to be contraindicated in patients with heart failure. Recently, however, several large ran...

Nov 15, 2000 Issue
Beta Blocker Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure [Article]

Recent studies have shown that beta blocker therapy improves survival and reduces hospitalizations in patients who have chronic heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction, the majority of whom are under the management of primary care physicians. Appropriate patient selection is essentia...

Sep 15, 2000 Issue
Alternative Therapies: Part II. Congestive Heart Failure and Hypercholesterolemia [Article]

Natural supplements are widely used by the American public but, while claims of their therapeutic effects abound, medical research does not always support their effectiveness. Clinical trials using Q10 for the management of congestive heart failure have had conflicting results; hawthorn is prescribe...

Jul 15, 2000 Issue
Postobstructive Pulmonary Edema [Article]

Pulmonary edema is a potentially life-threatening complication of acute airway obstruction. It develops rapidly, without warning, in persons who are otherwise well. Two forms of postobstructive pulmonary edema (POPE) have been identified. POPE I follows sudden, severe upper airway obstruction. POPE ...

Jul 15, 2000 Issue
Update on Digoxin Therapy in Congestive Heart Failure [Article]

Congestive heart failure is a progressive disease with significant morbidity and mortality. Despite advances in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the incidence and prevalence of congestive heart failure have increased in recent years. Contributing factors include increased sur...

Mar 1, 2000 Issue
Essentials of the Diagnosis of Heart Failure [Article]

Although heart failure is a common clinical syndrome, especially in the elderly, its diagnosis is often missed. A detailed clinical history is crucial and should address not only current signs and symptoms of heart failure but also signs and symptoms that point to a specific cause of the syndrome, s...

Nov 1, 1998 Issue
Carvedilol: The New Role of Beta-Blockers in Congestive Heart Failure [Article]

The prognosis remains poor for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), despite reduced mortality rates resulting from the addition of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors to traditional treatment regimens. Because much of the myocardial damage that occurs in patients with CHF may be relate...

Apr 15, 1998 Issue
Preventing Congestive Heart Failure [Article]

The morbidity, mortality and health care costs associated with congestive heart failure make prevention a more attractive public health strategy than treatment. Aggressive management of etiologic factors, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, valvular disease and excessive alcohol intake,...

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