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Aug 15, 2020 Issue
House Calls [Article]

House calls reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes for older adults and vulnerable populations. House calls may be initiated for acute reasons because of a change in health status, serial visits for chronic conditions, or a one-time visit requested by caregivers or the physician to evaluate for a specific concern.

Jul 1, 2020 Issue
The Promise and Challenge of Home Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Editorials]

The COVID-19 pandemic presents family physicians with unique opportunities to work with home health providers to combat the pandemic, provide quality care, and ease the burden of fear among patients.

Oct 1, 2014 Issue
Effectiveness of Outpatient Case Management for Adults [Implementing AHRQ Effective Health Care Reviews]

Does outpatient case management for adults with medical illness and complex care needs improve patient-centered outcomes, quality of care, or resource utilization?

Apr 15, 2011 Issue
House Calls [Article]

House calls provide a unique perspective on patients’ environment and health problems. The demand for house calls is expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U.S. population ages. Although study results have been inconsistent, house calls involving multidisciplinary teams may reduc...

Aug 1, 2009 Issue
Smart-Home Technology for Persons with Disabilities [Cochrane for Clinicians]

There is not enough evidence at this time to support or refute incorporating smart-home technologies into care of persons with disabilities.

Oct 1, 1999 Issue
The Home Visit [Article]

With the advent of effective home health programs, an increasing proportion of medical care is being delivered in patients' homes. Since the time before World War II, direct physician involvement in home health care has been minimal. However, patient preferences and key changes in the health care sy...

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