Sep 1, 2017 Issue
Aseptic and Bacterial Meningitis: Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention [Article]

Patients with suspected meningitis require cerebrospinal fluid analysis and empiric antibiotic therapy. Review common pathogen sources, treatment regimens, and vaccination recommendations.

Feb 15, 2007 Issue
Predicting the Likelihood of Bacterial Meningitis in Children [Point-of-Care Guides]

Although the incidence of bacterial meningitis has dropped with increased immunization against Haemophilus influenzae, meningitis remains a devastating illness. For every child with meningeal signs and symptoms who is diagnosed with bacterial meningitis after lumbar puncture, many more undergo the procedure to rule out the disease.

Nov 15, 2006 Issue
Tetravalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (Menactra) for the Prevention of Meningococcal Disease [STEPS]

MCV4 is as effective and as safe as the older MPSV4. It is recommended by the ACIP for children 11 to 12 years of age, college freshmen living in dormitories, and other high-risk populations. MCV4 should provide effective and longer-lasting immunity, but at significant expense to vaccinate the recommended target population.

Sep 15, 2003 Issue
Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis [Article]

Lumbar puncture is frequently performed in primary care. Properly interpreted tests can make cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) a key tool in the diagnosis of a variety of diseases. Proper evaluation of CSF depends on knowing which tests to order, normal ranges for the patient's age, and the test's limitatio...

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