Neck Mass

May 15, 2015 Issue
Evaluation of Neck Masses in Adults [Article]

Etiologies of a neck mass can be grouped according to whether the mass is acute, subacute, or chronic. Find out how to further narrow the diagnosis.

Mar 1, 2014 Issue
Evaluation and Management of Neck Masses in Children [Article]

Neck masses in children usually fall into one of three categories: developmental, inflammatory/reactive, or neoplastic. Common congenital developmental masses in the neck include thyroglossal duct cysts, branchial cleft cysts, dermoid cysts, vascular malformations, and hemangiomas. Inflammatory neck...

Sep 1, 2002 Issue
The Adult Neck Mass [Article]

Family physicians frequently encounter neck masses in adult patients. A careful medical history should be obtained, and a thorough physical examination should be performed. The patient's age and the location, size, and duration of the mass are important pieces of information. Inflammatory and infect...

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