Apr 1, 2014 Issue
Acute Pericarditis: Diagnosis and Management [Article]

Review the possible etiologies, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options.

Feb 1, 2014 Issue
Colchicine Effective for First Episode of Acute Pericarditis [POEMs]

When used in addition to conventional anti-inflammatory therapy, colchicine decreases the rate of incessant or recurrent pericarditis. You would need to treat four patients with colchicine to prevent one such episode.

Nov 15, 2007 Issue
Acute Pericarditis [Article]

Although acute pericarditis is most often associated with viral infection, it may also be caused by many diseases, drugs, invasive cardiothoracic procedures, and chest trauma. Diagnosing acute pericarditis is often a process of exclusion. A history of abrupt-onset chest pain, the presence of a peric...

Nov 1, 2002 Issue
Diagnosing Pericarditis [Article]

Pericarditis, or inflammation of the pericardium, is most often caused by viral infection. It can also develop as a result of bacterial or other infection, autoimmune disease, renal failure, injury to the mediastinal area, and the effects of certain drugs (notably hydralazine and procainamide). The ...

Feb 15, 1998 Issue
Electrocardiographic Manifestations and Differential Diagnosis of Acute Pericarditis [Article]

Acute pericarditis has many potential etiologies and typically presents as a sharp central chest pain that worsens with recumbency and is relieved by leaning forward. The pathognomonic physical finding of acute pericarditis is the pericardial friction rub, which is usually auscultated along the lowe...

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