Urinary Tract Infections

Sep 1, 2020 Issue
Urinary Tract Infections in Young Children and Infants: Common Questions and Answers [Article]

The decision to test for urinary tract infection should be based on risk factors and the child’s age. Urinalysis can help rule out infection and inform decisions about when to start antibiotics. However, urine culture is needed for definitive diagnosis. Antibiotic selection should be based on local sensitivity patterns and adjusted once culture results are available.

Aug 1, 2020 Issue
Acute Pyelonephritis in Adults: Rapid Evidence Review [Article]

Acute pyelonephritis is a bacterial infection of the kidney and renal pelvis. Urine culture should direct therapy. Outpatient management is appropriate for uncomplicated cases, and extended emergency department stays are appropriate for patients who initially cannot tolerate oral antibiotics. In cases of concurrent urinary tract obstruction, referral for urgent decompression is warranted. Pregnant patients should be admitted to the hospital and treated with parenteral therapy.

Jul 15, 2020 Issue
Asymptomatic Bacteriuria [Article]

Asymptomatic bacteriuria, defined as the presence of bacteria in the urine in the absence of urinary symptoms, is a common clinical finding that often warrants a decision about whether to initiate antimicrobial therapy. This article reviews the key recommendations from the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s 2019 guidelines on screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria and appropriate treatment.

Mar 15, 2019 Issue
Increased Water Intake Decreases UTI Recurrence in Women [POEMs]

Drinking an additional 1.5 liters per day of water halved the recurrence of UTI in women with a history of at least three episodes per year.

Feb 1, 2019 Issue
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for UTIs in Patients with Neurogenic Bladder [FPIN's Help Desk Answers]

Daily antibiotic prophylaxis should not be used in patients with acute and nonacute spinal cord injuries.

Oct 15, 2018 Issue
Five-Day Nitrofurantoin Superior to Single-Dose Fosfomycin for Women with Uncomplicated UTI [POEMs]

A five-day course of nitrofurantoin is significantly more likely than single-dose fosfomycin to achieve both clinical and microbiologic resolution of uncomplicated lower UTI in otherwise healthy adult women.

Feb 15, 2018 Issue
Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections in Children [Point-of-Care Guides]

A recent observational study found that 2.2% of acutely ill children younger than five years met criteria for a UTI when their urine was cultured. However, in the same study, overall clinician impression that a UTI was present (fairly to very certain) identified only 28 out of 60 children with a microbiologically confirmed UTI.

Oct 1, 2016 Issue
Unusual Urine Color During Catheterization [Photo Quiz]

A woman with chronic urine catheterization presented with purple colored urine.

Apr 1, 2016 Issue
Common Questions About Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women [Article]

Find out which patients are at risk of recurrent infections, when additional evaluation is warranted, which antibiotic regimens are most effective, and the pros and cons of patient-initiated treatment and antibiotic prophylaxis.

Dec 1, 2013 Issue
Are Cranberry Products Effective for the Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections? [Cochrane for Clinicians]

Cranberry products are not effective and should not be recommended for the prevention of UTIs.

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