Valvular Heart Disease

Mar 1, 2016 Issue
Aortic Stenosis: Diagnosis and Treatment [Article]

Learn how to determine which patients should undergo transcatheter valve replacement, and find out about the latest recommendations on determining 10-year cardiovascular risk and which patients should receive statin therapy and aspirin prophylaxis.

Oct 1, 2011 Issue
Evaluation and Management of Heart Murmurs in Children [Article]

Heart murmurs are common in healthy infants, children, and adolescents. Although most are not pathologic, a murmur may be the sole manifestation of serious heart disease. Historical elements that suggest pathology include family history of sudden cardiac death or congenital heart disease, in utero e...

Sep 15, 2008 Issue
Aortic Stenosis: Diagnosis and Treatment [Article]

Aortic stenosis is the most important cardiac valve disease in developed countries, affecting 3 percent of persons older than 65 years. Although the survival rate in asymptomatic patients with aortic stenosis is comparable to that in age- and sex-matched control patients, the average overall surviva...

Nov 15, 2001 Issue
Surgery for Chronic Aortic Regurgitation: When Should It Be Considered? [Article]

Deciding when to operate on a patient with chronic aortic regurgitation may be extremely difficult. The timing of surgery requires consideration of the etiology and pathophysiology of the aortic regurgitation, because aortic valve replacement carries morbidity and mortality that must be weighed agai...

Jun 1, 2001 Issue
Valvular Heart Disease: Review and Update [Article]

People with valvular heart disease are living longer, with less morbidity, than ever before. Advances in surgical techniques and a better understanding of timing for surgical intervention account for increased rates of survival. Echocardiography remains the gold standard for diagnosis and periodic a...

Jun 1, 2000 Issue
Current Management of Mitral Valve Prolapse [Article]

Mitral valve prolapse is a pathologic anatomic and physiologic abnormality of the mitral valve apparatus affecting mitral leaflet motion. "Mitral valve prolapse syndrome" is a term often used to describe a constellation of mitral valve prolapse and associated symptoms or other physical abnormalities...

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