Helper Classes


The column classes automatically provide margins to act as gutters. To overwrite or add to those, these helper classes were created.

Class NameCSS Change
Class Name: no-gutterCSS Change: margin-left: 0; margin-right: 0;
Class Name: solid-gutterCSS Change: margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;
Class Name: no-paddingCSS Change: padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0;
Class Name: no-marginCSS Change: margin: 0;
Class Name: no-margin-rightCSS Change: margin-right: 0;
Class Name: no-margin-leftCSS Change: margin-left: 0;
Class Name: no-margin-bottomCSS Change: margin-bottom: 0;
Class Name: margin-leftCSS Change: margin-left: 20px;
Class Name: margin-left-halfCSS Change: margin-left: 10px;
Class Name: margin-rightCSS Change: margin-right: 20px;
Class Name: margin-right-halfCSS Change: margin-right: 10px;
Class Name: margin-topCSS Change: margin-top: 20px;
Class Name: margin-bottomCSS Change: margin-bottom: 20px;
Class Name: margin-bottom-halfCSS Change: margin-bottom: 10px;
Class Name: padding-leftCSS Change: padding-left: 20px;
Class Name: padding-left-halfCSS Change: padding-left: 10px;
Class Name: padding-bottomCSS Change: padding-bottom: 20px;
Class Name: padding-topCSS Change: padding-top: 20px;
Class Name: padding-top-halfCSS Change: padding-top: 10px;
Class Name: spacer-topCSS Change: margin-top: 90px;
Class Name: spacer-top-30CSS Change: margin-top: 30px;
Class Name: spacer-top-50CSS Change: margin-top: 50px;
Class Name: spacer-top-95CSS Change: margin-top: 95px;
Class Name: alphaCSS Change: margin-right: 20px; margin-left: 0; clear:both;
Class Name: omegaCSS Change: marign:0;