• Reporting CME Credit to Other Organizations

    I have to report my CME to other entities. Why do I have to report to the AAFP, too?

    By reporting your CME to us:

    • You fulfill a requirement of AAFP membership.
    • You maintain a centralized CME record.
    • You have 24-hour access to your CME transcript.
    • You can email a copy of your CME transcript to other organizations to which you belong.

    Can you report my credits to my hospital, managed care organization, the American Board of Family Medicine, or other third-party entities?

    Yes! This is one of the benefits of keeping your CME record with us.

    • Upon your written request, we will send a copy of your CME record to a third party. Fax your request to (913) 906-6075 or mail it to the AAFP Member Resource Center, 11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway, Leawood, KS 66211.
    • In most cases, we can report your name to the ABFM when you have met their CME requirements.

    Why do you need my written permission to send my CME record to a third party?

    The AAFP considers your CME record to be your property and will only release it to another party with your written authorization. Fax the authorization to (913) 906-6075.

    What is the American Board of Family Medicine's (ABFM) phone number?

    You can reach the ABFM at (888) 995-5700.

    When does my board certification expire?

    Please call the American Board of Family Medicine at (888) 995-5700 to obtain this information.

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