• About Your CME Report

    How can I obtain a transcript of my CME activities?

    AAFP members can view, edit, print, or email transcripts of all CME activities they have reported since 2002. Log in to view your transcript.

    How can I obtain a letter of participation for a CME Activity?

    AAFP members can log in to print letters of participation for AAFP-produced CME activities.

    • Click the "CME Transcript" link.
    • Click "Print Letter" next to the activity for which you would like to obtain a letter of participation.

    My transcript shows fewer credits than I reported for an activity. Why?

    • Activities cannot receive more than the maximum number of credits for which they are certified. For example, an activity reported as being worth 11 credits may be reduced to 10.75 credits, because that is the maximum number of credits for which that activity is certified by the AAFP.
    • All CME credit must be recorded in quarter-hour increments. If you report credit in any other increment, it will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. For example, credits reported at 7.33 will be rounded to 7.25.

    If you believe we made an error, or you need further clarification, call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email us at aafp@aafp.org.

    I think my CME record has an error. What do I do?

    Call the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email us at aafp@aafp.org.

    I have over 150 CME credits on record, but my re-election status says I need more. Why?

    You may need additional CME credits for one or more of the following reasons:

    1. You have not reported enough credits to fulfill the minimum requirement of 75 AAFP Prescribed credits.
    2. You have exceeded the maximum amount of credit allowed for certain activities during a three-year re-election cycle:
      1. Professional enrichment: limited to 25 AAFP Elective credits
      2. Teaching health professions: limited to 60 AAFP Prescribed credits
      3. Advanced training: limited to 25 AAFP Prescribed credits
      4. ABFM or AOA One-Day certification: limited to 30 AAFP Prescribed credits
      5. Scholarly activities: limited to 100 AAFP Prescribed credits
    3. You have not reported enough credits to fulfill your chapter’s minimum requirement (check with your chapter for more information).
    4. The 150 credits you have reported were not all earned during your re-election cycle.

    If the activity I completed is not considered AAFP Prescribed credit, how is it recorded?

    The activity will be recorded as AAFP Elective credit, typically with a generic title beginning with "Formal Activity."

    I reported CME earlier in the year, and it was designated as AAFP Prescribed credit. Subsequent activities by the same CME provider are designated as AAFP Elective credit. Why?

    • The CME provider may have requested certification for some activities and not others.
    • Some providers choose to seek certification for a series of activities in monthly, quarterly, or yearly increments.

    You may contact us anytime at (800) 274-2237, or email us at aafp@aafp.org to inquire about the status of the CME credit, or you may contact the CME provider.

    I have more CME credits than I need for this cycle. Can I carry them over to the next cycle?

    No, because the CME must be earned within each three-year re-election cycle.

    I used to be able to report CME for presentation/publication of a paper/research. I can't find it in the list now. How do I report it?

    These CME activities have been re-classified. You can now report them as scholarly activities.

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