• PerformanceNavigator®: Cardiometabolic Conditions

    Satisfy your ABFM Performance Improvement Activities and Self-Assessment Activities requirements for a single stage and improve your practice 

    PerformanceNavigator is an in-depth performance in practice opportunity that addresses some of the most prevalent medical conditions seen by family physicians, while also satisfying your ABFM Performance Improvement Activities and Self-Assessment Activities requirements and help improve your practice.

    PLEASE NOTE: These activities are designed for physicians who have a continuous patient panel. Physicians who work in environments where they do not see at least 20 patients regularly are unable to receive the 60 credits for the Family Medicine Certification Performance Improvement Activities.

    Choose Your Learning Preference:

    Live Workshop: Cardiometabolic Conditions

    Workshop Three-in-One Course

    Live, expert-led didactic instruction with collaborative group-learning activities and easy-to-use online tools relating to diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia to help you meet all of your ABFM Performance Improvement Activities, Self-Assessment Activities, and CME requirements in one efficient program.



    Future dates for the live workshop will be announced once they are confirmed.



    Live Workshop Credits    
    Live Workshop 13 CME credits  
    3 Performance Improvement Activities (20 credits each) 60 CME credits  
    3 Medical Knowledge Assessment Videos (5 credits each) 15 CME credits  
    2 Knowledge Self-Assessment Activities (KSA) (8 credits each) 16 CME credits  
    FP Essentials™ Online Edition 5 CME credits  
    TOTAL up to 109 CME credits  

    PerformanceNavigator On Demand Individual Topic Courses

    Learn at your own pace with PerformanceNavigator On Demand: Cardiometabolic Series. Improve your patient outcomes for one of three individual cardiometabolic conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension or Dyslipidemia. Each of the three individual courses includes specific activities and experiences that are collectively designed to help you meet your ABFM Performance Improvement Activities and Self-Assessment Activities requirements—all from your home and practice. Choose from the three specific conditions below:

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     On Demand Individual Course    
    Performance Improvement Module 20 CME credits  
    Practice-based Education 4.75 CME credits  
    Medical Knowledge Assessment Videos 5 CME credits  
    TOTAL up to 29.75 CME credits  



    Email: performancenavigator@aafp.org