Endocrinology CME

7 Total

PerformanceNavigator® Workshop: Cardiometabolic Conditions

107.75 Credits

Thu. Sep 19 - Sat. Sep 21 '19

Dallas, TX

SOLD OUT. Check out the upcoming course in Atlanta, GA | March 19-21

PerformanceNavigator® On Demand: Diabetes

29.75 Credits

Self-study, Online

Improve care among your patient panel with this online, multi-activity education on diabetes, that helps satisfy your ABFM Performance Improvement Activities requirement.

FP Essentials™: Endocrine Conditions in Older Adults

5 Credits

Online, Self-study

Edition 474 - November 2018 - This month's monograph covers osteoporosis, menopause, adrenal tumors, anti-aging therapies.

Edition #465 | February 2018

2 Credits

Online, Self-study

Featured: Follow-Up of Sepsis, Pneumonia and Steroids, and High-Flow Nasal Cannula; Sodium-glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors; Chest Pain;USPSTF Recommendation—Sleep Apnea Screening

Journal Audio

0 Credits


Editors have hand-selected American Family Physician topics to be presented in a convenient audio format. Get access to four articles from the August 1 and August 15 issues.

Diabetes KSA Working Group

CME Credit Pending

Fri. Oct 16 '20

Chicago, IL

Simplify the ABFM’s Knowledge Self-Assessment requirement with a one-day KSA Working Group on the latest information on diabetes diagnosis and management.

PerformanceNavigator® Workshop: Cardiometabolic Conditions

CME Credit Pending

Thu. Mar 19 - Sat. Mar 21 '20

Atlanta, GA

Satisfy your Family Medicine Certification's Performance Improvement and Self-Assessment activities—all in one program.