Skin CME

8 Total

Skin Conditions and Diseases Self-Study Package

26.75 Credits

Self-study, Online, Course Reg Pages

Learn best practices and cutting-edge techniques in disease management for patients with common and chronic skin problems. Available in flash drive and online formats.

FP Essentials™: Infectious Disease

5 Credits

Online, Self-study

Edition 476 - January 2019 - This month's monograph covers mosquito-borne viral illnesses; bedbugs, lice, and mites; community response to emerging infectious diseases; health-care associated infections

FP Essentials™: Skin Cancer

5 Credits

Online, Self-study

Edition 481 - June 2019 - This month's monograph covers Melanoma, Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinomas, Precancers, and Prevention

Facing Severe Asthma: A Focus on New and Emerging Agents

4 Credits

Self-study, Online

Learn about severe asthma in this webcast series, including the differences between severe and milder forms.

Suturing Techniques Procedural Self-Study Package

3.5 Credits

Self-study, Online

Perform the most common suturing techniques with this easy-to-navigate procedural skills activity. Available in online format.

Edition #466 | March 2018

2 Credits

Online, Self-study

Featured: dermatoses of pregnancy, back pain, unusual skin coloration

Management of Lupus: Coordinating Your Approach

1.25 Credits


Learn how to recognize the symptoms of lupus. This webcast also discusses diagnosis and treatment options.