AAFP Chapter Lecture Series

Chapter Lecture Series

AAFP Chapter Lecture Series are one-hour CME sessions that covers a clinical area and takes place at ten constitutent chapter CME meetings. Each funded session is sponsored and certified for CME credit by AAFP.

Members should contact their Chapter to see if a session from the following series is being offered at an upcoming CME meeting. View Constituent Chapter Directory.

Management of Gout - Individualizing the Approach

  • Describe the pathogenesis of gout, noting risk factors and points where therapeutic agents impact disease biochemistry.
  • Implement a care plan for the diagnosis and treatment of gout, which takes into account acute management of gouty flairs along with chronic management of associated risk factors and comorbid conditions.
  • Evaluate how your management plan should be individualized for each patient, including a consideration of the specific needs of special populations.