Maternity / Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO®)


Family Centered Maternity Care: Live Course   (Live)

23.75 Credits

Learn the latest evidence-based science to help you care for mother and baby – from preconception to delivery through interconception care.

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Family Centered Maternity Care: Self-Study   (Online, CD, Self-study, Flash Drive Package)

25.75 Credits

Deliver the best maternity care from preconception to post pregnancy with current, evidence-based information on maternity and family issues you see every day.

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ALSO® Instructor Course   (Live)

CME Credit Pending

Get the teaching skills needed to lead didactic lectures, hands-on small group workstations, and testing stations for the ALSO course. ALSO Provider status must be current as of instructor course date.

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ALSO® Provider Course   (Live)

CME Credit Pending

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage potential emergencies during pregnancy, labor, and delivery in this multidisciplinary, workshop-based, two-day course designed for physicians, residents and other maternity care providers.


ALSO® Refresher Course   (Live)

CME Credit Pending

Review the most updated obstetric protocols and practices, and renew your ALSO Provider status before it expires when you successfully complete this one-day, hands-on refresher course.


BLSO® Provider Course   (Live)

CME Credit Pending

Learn to effectively provide pre-hospital care in normal labor and obstetrical emergencies in this one-day, hands-on course designed for first responders, emergency personnel, and medical, nursing, and PA students.


ALSO® Supplemental Learning Tools   (Self-study)


Reinforce knowledge and life-saving techniques introduced through ALSO course curricula with mnemonic cards, posters, and more.


BLSO® Supplemental Learning Tools   (Self-study)


Review critical information and skills learned from the BLSO Provider course with curriculum-based mnemonic cards, posters, and more.