• Credit Statements

    Note: No changes or edits may be made to the AAFP credit statements. The credit statements must be published exactly as written by the AAFP.

    Pending Statement Prior to AAFP Credit Approval

    CME providers may use the following statement prior to receiving official notification of AAFP credit determination, but only after an application for AAFP credit has been received by the AAFP for review:

    Application for CME credit has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

    "Save the Date" Announcement

    After receiving an official approval letter from AAFP, the following statement may be used for "Save the Date" announcements and advertisements without using the full AAFP credit statement. However, the full credit statement must be used on all other activity materials.

    Approved for [insert the number of credits] AAFP [Prescribed/Elective] credits. 

    AAFP CME Credit Statements and Seal

    CME providers will receive an approval letter with the official credit statement from AAFP once their application for AAFP credit has been approved. The official credit statement must be used as provided by the AAFP Credit System.

    CME providers whose CME activities have been vetted and approved by the AAFP Credit System are welcome to use the AAFP CME credit seal in connection with such activities and as specified herein. The seal serves as a visual sign that the activity has been approved by the AAFP Credit System. It may therefore signify to AAFP members and others that the educational activity is relevant to the scope of family medicine.

    Providers may, but are not required to, use the seal in connection with their AAFP Credit System-approved activities (for example, in agendas, handouts, marketing materials, CME activity websites, etc., for such activities). The seal must appear exactly as set forth in the digital files below and must comply with the applicable AAFP brand guidelines. The seal may not be modified and may not appear in colors other than its original colors or in black and white.

    The AAFP CME credit seal may not be used prior to approval of the activity or while the credit application is pending review. Providers who use the seal (or any of the AAFP’s other marks) incorrectly or without authorization may be barred from further use and/or may potentially be barred from applying for AAFP CME credit in the future, as well as being subject to other applicable legal remedies.

    Use of AAFP Logo

    AAFP credit approval and/or use of the AAFP CME credit seal does not constitute permission to otherwise use the AAFP’s name, logo, trademarks or other intellectual property and does not indicate or imply endorsement, partnership, cooperation, or sponsorship by the AAFP.