• Questions About Blended Learning

    What is blended learning?

    The AAFP Credit System defines blended learning as a single educational activity designed for the same learner(s) that is delivered via multiple formats. Blended learning activities are delivered in two or more of the following formats:

    • Live Courses
    • Enduring Materials
    • Medical Journals
    • Performance Improvement
    • Point of Care

    Repurposed content is not eligible as a blended learning activity. 

    How do I apply for blended learning?

    Blended learning activities should be submitted using the advanced pathway. Please note, all sessions must be entered during the original credit application submission in order to receive approval of the overall application. 

    Can I submit one application for my activity that consists of a live event and the recorded version of the live event?  

    Unfortunately, this is considered repurposed content, which is not eligible under the blended learning activity type.  CME providers should submit a simple application for the live event and a simple application for the recording. 

    Can I include multi-site/date activities within the blended learning application?

    You can include multi-site/date components within the blended learning application. However, pricing will be determined by the overall number of credits that are being requested.

    Can I include a KSA (Knowledge Self-Assessment) as a format within a blended learning activity?

    Yes, KSA is a session format option that can be included when completing an advanced pathway credit application for a blended learning activity.