• Questions About AAFP/ABFM Performance Improvement (PICME) Credit

    What is the AAFP/ABFM joint application process for PICME activities?

    The AAFP Credit System and the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) collaborated so that CME providers will be able to offer their learners both AAFP CME credit and ABFM certification points depending on the learners’ needs.

    How do I obtain credit from the AAFP and the ABFM for my PI activities?

    CME providers will complete an online application for CME credit for Performance Improvement activities through the AAFP Credit System.

    If a CME provider is interested in applying for credit through this single application process, then the provider should check the ABFM attestation box in the application to indicate that ABFM Certification Activity points are being sought in conjunction with AAFP CME credit. The CME provider must attest that the CME activity meets the following requirements to be eligible for credit through both entities:

    What is the fee for the AAFP/ABFM joint application process?

    There is no additional fee to receive credit through this single application process. The regular review fee for a Performance Improvement activity will apply. That fee is $695.

    How do I let learners know that the CME activity has AAFP credit and ABFM points?

    Upon approval, the AAFP Credit System will email the CME provider an approval letter that contains the AAFP CME credit statement and the ABFM Certification Activity statement. These statements can be used to inform learners that the Performance Improvement activity has been approved for CME credit by the AAFP and certification activity points by the ABFM.

    How does this change benefit CME providers who are seeking credit for both AAFP and the ABFM credit for Performance Improvement activities?

    CME providers will no longer have to pay for ABFM Certification Activity credit approval. Additionally, CME providers will no longer have to submit two separate applications or wait on two separate timelines.

    How does this change benefit learners?

    It is anticipated that AAFP members and ABFM Diplomats will gain access to more PICME activities from which to choose as a result of the unified process. Please report learner completion data directly to AAFP, who will ensure the information is shared with the ABFM. This will streamline reporting credit/points for PI activities for AAFP members and ABFM Diplomats.

    Whom should I contact if I have questions related to ABFM requirements, audits, etc.?

     Please contact Ann Williamson with the ABFM by email at awilliamson@theabfm.org or by phone (877) 223-7437. She will assist with questions concerning ABFM PICME requirements and ABFM audits.